Wrongful Death

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There is not much that any attorney can do to reduce the devastating personal impact of a fatal accident that costs the life of a family member. It will take time and the support of your friends and family to make it through this difficult time. But what about the financial burden you and your family now face? Who will be there to ensure that bills get paid, that your loved one's dreams for the family's future aren't lost as well?
At the Fall River law firm of Sahady Associates, our goal in any wrongful death case is to restore the financial security our clients that is lost when a spouse or other family member's life is taken. We represent the families of fatal injury, accident and malpractice victims throughout South Eastern Massachusetts. With the help of an experienced team of trial lawyers who will fight to hold negligent individuals or corporations liable for the harm they have caused, your loved one's dreams can still be realized. Contact us today for a free and informed and no-pressure consultation.

What Compensation is Available in a Wrongful Death Claim or Lawsuit?

There are a few considerations when determining the value of a wrongful death case: The earning capacity of the deceased (now and into the future); the pain and suffering endured; and the loss of enjoyment of your loved one's companionship, comfort and support.
If the person you lost was a breadwinner or wage-earner who contributed substantially to your family's income and financial stability, it will almost certainly be necessary to document not only the contribution they made in the past, but also the contribution they would likely have made in the future. To this end, the team at Sahady Associates can draw upon the skills of economists and other financial experts to quantify the amount of financial contribution your family has lost.
The loss of consortium — or the enjoyment you and your family took from the presence of your loved one — can be more difficult to define. That is why we take the time to get to know you and your family. We try to build a picture of the more intangible contribution your loved one made before the accident. Our extensive trial experience makes it possible for us to confidently present to the court or the insurance company the true impact of the negligence or wrongful act that caused your loved one's death.