Family Law

Divorce Decree - Attorneys in Fall River, MA
The lawyers of Sahady Associates have handled divorce and family law cases of all kinds on behalf of clients throughout Massachusetts. We don't treat family law cases like a product on an assembly line. Instead, we offer a very individual and personal attention in helping our clients find workable solutions in the most difficult and trying family matters.
When you need more than just legal advice, when you need someone to understand you and to be at your side with guidance and support, contact us.

Experienced Representation in a Full Range of Family Law Cases

The Fall River law firm of Sahady Associates represents men and women in a full range of family law matters, including:
  • Divorce and the division of marital property, assets and debt
  • Alimony (spousal support and maintenance)
  • Child custody, child support and visitation
  • Paternity (establishment and defense)
  • Post-divorce modification of family court orders
  • Family court restraining orders in cases of domestic violence
  • Guardianships and conservatorships
In most family and divorce cases, there are no real "winners". Usually, each member of the family suffers when husband and wife or father and mother are breaking apart. Your life and your family will change. Our goal is to help you find a way to keep moving forward in life after your family matter comes to conclusion in the courts. Our experience in the family court system and our dedication to protecting your interests will help you find just and fair results so you can move on with life in a positive direction.