Workers Compensation

Accident On Work - Attorneys in Fall River, MA
If you were injured in a mill accident, an industrial accident or other workplace accident in Massachusetts, it is extremely important to consult an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Important decisions must be made about your medical care and benefits soon after the workplace injury.
It is an unfortunate fact that you cannot trust the insurance company to tell you the truth about your rights and options under workers' compensation law. Many times, it will try to lull an injured worker into inaction by promising fair treatment, all the while building its case, gathering statements and medical evidence in order to deny the claim for workers' compensation benefits. Often, insurance companies will not pay the workers' compensation benefits required by law until they are forced to do so through legal proceedings.
Insurance companies try to hold on to their money by denying claims entirely or paying out as little as possible. Our job is to protect your rights and fight for the maximum workers' compensation benefits available. We will pursue the workers' compensation insurers until the injured worker is treated fairly under the law. If you were hurt on the job, contact the legal team at Sahady Associates today for a free consultation.

Real Help With Employee Injuries in Bristol County

From our offices in Fall River, the attorneys of Sahady Associates represent Massachusetts workers who have suffered serious injury in the course of their duties. Our goal in every workers' compensation case is to get our clients the immediate assistance they need. If you were disabled by your workplace injury, we can also assist you in obtaining the Social Security Disability benefits to which you may be entitled.
Workers' compensation and disability benefits may not be enough to get you the care and compensation you need. In some cases, a workers' compensation claim may give rise to a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent contractor, subcontractor or other third party who caused or contributed to the accident and injury. There may also be product liability issues if a piece of equipment or scaffolding failed, causing serious injury or wrongful death. We will promptly and thoroughly investigate all ways of obtaining the maximum compensation available.