Product Liability

Manufacturing Design Defect Causes Serious Personal Injury — Attorneys in Fall River, MA
Manufacturers of consumer and industrial products have a responsibility to ensure that those products are reasonably safe for their intended use. When a manufacturing or design defect causes serious personal injury or wrongful death, manufacturers and distributors may be held accountable in a product liability lawsuit. This means that accident victims can seek financial compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering when defective design or manufacture of a product results in a serious injury.

Experienced Representation in Product Liability Cases

If you suffered a serious personal injury in the home or workplace due to a dangerous or defective product, our team of experienced trial lawyers at Sahady Associates can help. We offer sound legal guidance and dedicated, vigorous representation in product liability actions and lawsuits arising out of injuries caused by:
  • Defectively designed or manufactured medical devices
  • Defectively designed or manufactured heavy equipment and construction vehicles
  • Dangerous and defectively designed industrial and manufacturing machinery
  • Malfunctioning industrial tools
  • Dangerous scaffolding and staging
Product liability cases are almost always complex. The manufacturer will almost certainly devote substantial resources to its defense. At Sahady Associates, you will find an experienced team of trial attorneys who will fight to protect your rights and obtain maximum financial recovery.
We also retain the best industry experts to prosecute your product liability case to a successful conclusion either through their expert testimony at trial or their written pre-trial opinions, putting your case in the best possible position for settlement. Often, a manufacturer of a defective product is a company from another country such as Japan, China, Korea, and Germany. Sahady Associates is experienced in successfully navigating through the legal complexities presented when foreign corporations are defendants in a United States civil action.